Art and Your Connection With The Silence Within

Check out this great article from Pathways – By Lauren McClain All of us come to some crossroads in our lives where we want to identify the difference between our heart and mind. This feels particularly important as we parent … Continue reading

It’s Christmas!!!

Oh all the wonderful things that we have one sale or great packages put together for you or your special person you want to pamper! Check out our Massage Packages! Custom Orthotics are on sale!! What about surprising your significant other with an Ultimate Massage Package? Last but not least, check out all the items […]

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Healing Properties of Nature, Music, and Laughter in Children’s Media

Check out this great article from Pathways on the natural healing properties of nature, music and laughter.   By Sara Wiseman Parents and grandparents are always seeking ways to help kids wind down. Yet so often the common choice: putting … Continue reading

Why Vitamin D Supplementation Gets An “A”!

Vitamin D is a natural supplement that we all need.  Check out this article from Scott Rosenthal with Pathways! – By Scott Rosenthal, DC First there was Adam, and then Eve. Soon afterward, a conversation with a serpent resulted in … Continue reading