Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Share What You Love”

This week, Dr. Wayne explores the importance of sharing and how it can have a huge impact in the lives of others.

Share What You Love

by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

As I was driving my daughter Sommer to the airport for her return to college after a long weekend home, she was admiring my new watch. This was the first new timepiece I’d had in at least a decade. I really enjoyed looking at its shiny steel-and-black face, and as I did, I’d think about how this was my favorite watch of all time. Yet I knew in my heart that Sommer would love to wear it, since men’s watches seemed to be the current craze for young women.

As I dropped her off at the curb and assisted her with her luggage, I was prompted to remove the watch and give it to her, even though it was my most prized possession (particularly since I have almost no possessions any longer that I even care about, let alone prize).

Sommer’s response was, “No, Dad, you love this watch!”

I insisted, telling her that I’d feel greater joy by giving it to her and knowing she’d treasure it. I also felt that it would symbolize our staying together in time, even though we’d be thousands of miles apart. She boarded her plane glowing, and I left feeling that I had grown immeasurably as a person, since such a compassionate act would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for me several years ago.

Sommer called me in Maui a few months later to tell me that she was sending me a present, stressing that it was a very, very special gift. It turned out to be her all-time favorite painting that she’d created and had hung in her apartment for a long time. As she told me later: “I really learned something the day you gave me your beloved watch, and I wanted to give you something that’s my single most precious item. I’m giving it to you, Dad, even though it’s difficult to part with, because I want you to have a piece of me that I love with you.”

The painting hangs proudly on my wall as a symbol of the beauty and perfection of reaching out compassionately in response to a felt moment. By being and living compassion, you invite and encourage others, just by your example, to choose to do the same.




Dr. Larry’s “I am Thankful”

This week we have another great post from Dr. Larry Markson about the importance of thankfulness and how making a list of things for which we are thankful can have a huge positive impact in our lives.

I Am Thankful

As a practice management and personal development coach for all these many years, it has become the norm for me to listen to the “What’s Wrong” or “What Is Not Working List” of clients and even friends.  It seems that in the real world, the 80% that I always allude to (average people thinking average thoughts and getting average results), love to speak about their problems and issues, about what is broken, about what they “need” to do to fix the situations they find themselves embroiled in and about the pain and confusion that lives within.

The squeaky wheel always seems to get the attention and very few (20%) really spend any time giving thanks for all the things that are going right in their lives, the blessings they have been given, and they pay little attention to the vast majority of what is going great for them.

People complain by habit, they mimic the negative talking heads on TV and articles from the newspapers that generally have nothing good to say – after all “positive” does not sell newspapers.  And, sadly, this habit spills over as they complain about themselves, their marriages, their kids, their businesses or practices, their financial condition, their age – whatever.

The constant barrage of negative self-talk only attracts what they say they do not want, when in reality you get what you set and what you program by repetition does happens to you.

Most importantly, I have discovered that no one really cares.  So, shhhhhhhhhh!  Can it!  Stop complaining!  Quit programming your mind in ways that create pain and defeat in your life.

Better yet, do what I do.  Make a list of the things you are happy and grateful for.  Force yourself to concentrate on all the good you have and relegate everything else to the back burner to be referenced and cured when you get serious about paying the price for being successful, happy, health and fulfilled.

Here is part of my list:  Notice that I always begin with the statement, “I AM THANKFUL FOR.”

I am thankful for my health, my ability to make decisions easily and quickly, my determination to confront anyone about anything, my action orientation, my creativity and positive outlook, the concepts and visions that appear in my mind, my limitless energy and the understanding that, “It IS all in my head,”

I am thankful for my family, my wife, children and grandchildren, my relatives (as strange as they are), the circle of life-long friends who return my love, the vast number of additional friendships that fill my social calendar to overflowing.

I am thankful for the hundreds of employees who were part of my teams and the thousands of patients, clients and members who believed in me and even credited me with helping to change their lives, practices or businesses for the better.

I am thankful for the Chiropractic Profession, as unique and misunderstood that it is.  I loved being a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic and a Chiropractic Practice Management Consultant and now I love being the facilitator of The Cabin Experience and the member of the Board of Trustees of Life University.

I am thankful that my mother didn’t suffer with pain before she passed last week.  I am thankful that my grandchildren call me Pop Pop with eyes that convey unconditional love.

I am thankful for my extremely beautiful back yard, with my favorite chair positioned just right for me to see the magnificent colors of the huge array of flowers that bear every color of the rainbow.  It is a place of tranquility a peace for me.

I am thankful for the abundance in my life and I am thankful for YOU – for to me YOU are what it is really all about!

For more information, check out Dr. Larry’s website: http://www.thecabinexperience.com/viewarticle.asp?id=271

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Success Secrets”

This week we have a great, short post from Dr. Wayne Dyer.  He discusses one of his tricks to success, his mental attitude and outlook.  This might be a short article, but it is a special one!

Success Secrets

by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

One of my secrets for feeling successful and attracting bountiful abundance into my life has been an internal axiom that I use virtually every day of my life. It goes like this: Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. This has always worked for me.

The truth of this little maxim is actually found in the field of quantum physics, which, according to some, is a subject that’s not only stranger than you think it is, it’s stranger than you can think. It turns out that at the tiniest subatomic level, the actual act of observing a particle changes the particle. The way we observe these infinitely small building blocks of life is a determining factor in what they ultimately become. If we extend this metaphor to larger and larger particles and begin to see ourselves as particles in a larger body called humanity or even larger—life itself—then it’s not such a huge stretch to imagine that the way we observe the world we live in affects that world.

Think of this little journey into quantum physics as a metaphor for your life. Your feelings of success and your experience of prosperity and abundance depend on your positive view of yourself, your life, and the Universe from which success and abundance come. Changing the way you look at things is an extremely powerful tool. Start by examining how you look at things. Is the Universe matching your way of looking?



Dr. Larry’s “Like No One is Watching”

This week we have another great post by Dr. Larry Markson that explains that as we get older, we begin to suppress parts of our personality that we consider socially unacceptable.  He suggests that we try to re-incorporate these aspects of our personality into our everyday lives and live as if no one is watching.

Like No One Is Watching

Over time, we have learned to suppress some of the most fun aspects of our individuality.

Most of us express our distinctiveness in many ways throughout our lives. Although, as we proudly share our offbeat traits and preferences with the world, we take great pains to downplay those eccentricities we ourselves deem odd. Instead of living lives colored by these quirky impulses, we seek out socially acceptable outlets for our peculiarities.

We may not realize that we are editing ourselves in this way because our individual societal awareness is unintentionally attuned to the attitudes of the people we encounter each day. Over time, we have learned to suppress some of the most fun aspects of individuality. To rediscover and embrace these buried traits, we need only ask ourselves what we would do if we knew for certain that no one would judge our choices.

Visualizing this day without judgment can help you better understand the idiosyncrasies that are an important part of who you are but seldom manifest themselves in your existence. Perhaps you secretly dream of replacing grown-up, conservative clothing in favor of a changing array of costumes.

You may envision yourself painting your car electric-green, hugging the trees in a crowded local park, singing joyous songs as you skip through your community, or taking up an exciting hobby like fire spinning. Try not to be surprised, however, if your imagination takes you in unexpectedly simple directions. In your musings, you may see yourself doing things such as breaking out in dance or dying your hair a fun color.

Regardless of the nature of your suppressed peculiarities, ask yourself what is really stopping you from making them a part of your life, and then resolve to incorporate at least one into your everyday existence.

Life as we know it is so short. Making the most of years we are granted is a matter of being ourselves even though we know that we will inevitably encounter people who disapprove of our choices. When you shake your tail feathers like no one is watching, you will discover that there are many others who appreciate you because you are willing to let go of any inhibition.

By doing this you help others know it is okay. No one else in the world is precisely like you and, each time you revel in this simple fact, you rededicate yourself to the celebration of individuality.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Be the Peace”

Have you ever been around a person that just radiates calmness?  The article below discusses how you can become that person.

Be the Peace

by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Peace isn’t something you ultimately receive when you slow down the pace of your life. Peace is what you’re capable of being and bringing to every encounter and event in the waking moments of your life. Being peaceful is an inner attitude that you can enjoy when you’ve learned to silence your incessant inner dialogue. Being peaceful isn’t dependent on what your surroundings look like. It seldom has anything to do with what the people around you think, say, or do. A noiseless environment isn’t a requirement.

St. Francis’s famous prayer states it better than I can: “Make me an instrument of your peace.” In other words, St. Francis wasn’t asking God to provide him with peace. He was asking for guidance to be more like the peace he trusted was his Source. Being peace is different from looking for peace.

This principle isn’t about merely choosing tranquil thoughts when you’re feeling frayed and anxious. I suggest picturing a container deep within yourself out of which all your thoughts flow. Inside of this container, at its very center, imagine a candle flame. You need to make a commitment that this flame in the center of the container holding all your thoughts will never, ever even flicker, although the very worst may go before you. This is your container of peace, and only peaceful thoughts can fuel the burning candle. You don’t need to change your thoughts as much as you need to learn to be an energy of peace lighting the way and attracting serene, harmonious thoughts and beings. In this way, you’ll become a being of peace.

As a being of peace, you make a huge impact on those around you. It’s almost impossible to be totally stressed out in the presence of someone who has opted to be peace. Peace is a higher and faster energy—when you’re being peace, just your presence alone will often nullify the uneasiness and tension in those around you. The secret of this principle is: Be the peace and harmony you desire. You cannot get it from anything or anyone else.