Bill Esteb’s “Morning Motivation”

Happiness is choice. Since you know the truth about health, you should be the happiest person patient’s encounter.

It’s risky surrendering your happiness to circumstances. Yet, many of us do. Which can reduce happiness to one of those exceedingly-rare-winning-the-lottery-predicting-the-future kinds of experiences. In other words we don’t enjoy the frequency of happy episodes we deserve.

Want more happiness? Begin by identifying the circumstances that make you happy. Write it down. Simple, yet few attend to this important matter.

It may surprise you to learn that there are many people who have tried to make you happy. But through the difficult process of reverse engineering, they have been less than successful in finding the winning combination. They would appreciate a couple of clues. Share them.

Then, be prepared for unexpected joy and some occasional bliss. Which start by first choosing to be happy. Oh, and be sure to tell your face!


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